Member Spotlight

Latisia Hall-Canon

My name is Latisia and I am the Owner and CEO of Urban T.  UrbanT is the center of connection for the Urban community. Connections are made by communicating information, celebrating culture and having curated conversations that elevate our collective Urban experience. I started UrbanTsyr, a division of UrbanT, out of a desire to solve the problem of lack of diversity at events around the City of Syracuse.  I felt like my community would benefit from the same good information that I was privy to and found that the issue was in access and awareness.  UrbanT brings this venture full circle as it is the central repository for information impactful and relevant to the Urban community.  UrbanT will inform, inspire and instigate positive personal, professional and social change within the Urban community. Checkout the UrbanT website to view the community calendar, blog posts and also recent episodes of "WOKE Wednesday" or other special video podcast series.

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