UMEA has a daily presence in CNY that allows them to be the "eyes and ears" of their business community, which is an invaluable resource in any such partnership. It is an honor and privilege to support UMEA.
President Black Chamber of Commerce
The organization is valuable to our community and provides a service that will be beneficial to any business.
UMEA has provided me with a very good network base and helped me to build my clientele. I have UMEA members who use my services often. The head shots we were able to take were beneficial and I have referred the organization.
Stacey Bailey
A Taste of Honey
The informational sessions are good.
Nicholas Cortes
Nick’s Landscaping
UMEA helped me when the pandemic first struck and assisted me to a point of receiving grants and has continued guidance throughout the year.
Larry Stackhouse
L Stacks Construction
I was so encouraged by being a vendor for UMEA’s Holiday Appreciation Reception because 2020/2021has been hard for me. Having someone of prominence like the caliber of people in attendance at the event take my business card reminded me of why I do what I do. I got barraged with questions about my product. It was a real turning point in my business. In fact, a guest attendee paid me in advance on-the-spot for their holiday pound cake.
Donna Powell
Donna’s Treats

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