UMEA has a daily presence in CNY that allows them to be the "eyes and ears" of their business community, which is an invaluable resource in any such partnership. It is an honor and privilege to support UMEA.
President Black Chamber of Commerce
The organization is valuable to our community and provides a service that will be beneficial to any business.
UMEA has provided me with a very good network base and helped me to build my clientele. I have UMEA members who use my services often. The head shots we were able to take were beneficial and I have referred the organization.
Stacey Bailey
A Taste of Honey
The informational sessions are good.
Nicholas Cortes
Nick’s Landscaping
UMEA helped me when the pandemic first struck and assisted me to a point of receiving grants and has continued guidance throughout the year.
Larry Stackhouse
L Stacks Construction
We're about to kick off our food trailer business with the opportunity to be a vendor for the International Food Taste Festival at Exposition Center at the New York State Fairground. OMG😲I am elated! This is all thanks to God and UMEA and Tai Shaw... thank you all so very much!
Johnny Giles Sr.
Owner of Johnny Gee’s BBQ and Catering Service
UMEA is doing a wonderful job with entrepreneurs and business persons helping them to grow.
Lilibeth Northern
Medical Translator
I couldn’t be happier to join UMEA recently! UMEA was very instrumental in help our firm to obtain our NYS MBE certification after waiting nearly 2 years. Upon joining UMEA, UMEA was informed about the long delay of being NYS MBE certified and immediately addressed our firms’ concerns. After addressing our firm’s needs, we are happy to announce that we received our NYS MBE certificate that very same week. Thank you, UMEA, for your dedication.
Freeland Investigations LLC

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